Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Art by Any Other Name, Streckenbach

Vintage print from oil of Mohnblumen. I love this piece from Max Theodor Streckenbach.  My grandmother's estate brought a vintage print and golf frame into my home.  The print disintegrated over time, but another smaller print was obtained and now hangs in my dining room. 

Art is always appreciated when the artist's rendition brings positive energy to a space.

Max Theodor Streckenbach was a German artist known for his oil and watercolor paintings of still lifes. Streckenbach’s works most often featured colorful bouquets of flowers, especially poppies. He was born on May 18, 1865 in Eckernförde, Germany as the son of a pharmacist. From 1876 to 1885, he attended the Schleswig Cathedral School and went on to study medicine in several cities across Germany, including Munich, Berlin, and Rostock. He was self-taught as a painter and in 1902, shortly after returning to Eckernförde, took up the medium at the age of 37. He gained national attention for his paintings and began exhibiting his work throughout Germany. Streckenbach’s still lifes have notably been featured numerous times as the cover art for the American magazine Better Homes and Gardens. He died September on 22, 1936, at his birthplace of Eckernförde.