Saturday, July 13, 2019

Busy Getting My Life Together

Since I was without a working washer and dryer for over 10 months, I got way behind on everything in my life. Now that a nice neighbor gave me her old set, I am back. Sort of anyway. I am still behind on so much stuff, including my online life. 

I updated the websites I manage and publish in the images below. I hope you go and enjoy what I research and write. 

My digital art has gotten astronomically better as well. I am showing my creations on Zazzle right now in the forms of posters, mugs, and apparel. I hope you enjoy them.

I have several book covers done for others and myself. Some designs can even be seen on Amazon. I love doing cover art. 

Right now, I am busy getting my websites caught up for an online event through Sonoran Dawn Studios on Tuesday. I hope you stop by. 

I think you are mostly caught up. That is a lot of stuff for a year. Next Saturday I turn 47. I never thought I would live this long... well, there it is.

I hope everything is good in your world. 

See you soon.